Károly Takács – Two Successive Olympic Gold Medal Winner


Károly Takács would continue to remain a man of inspiration for millions for his outstanding courage and confident. The man was born on 21st January, 1910 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary. In early 1930s, he joined the Hungarian Army. Within a couple of years, he could become a world class shooter. However, he was denied a spot in the Hungarian shooting team for Olympics 1936 not for his ability but for his position as a sergeant. That time only commissioned officers were allowed to compete. 

The age old saying “Fortune favors the brave” goes right here; such participation prohibition was lifted after the Berlin Olympics. He started preparation for the 1940 Olympics for 25 meter rapid fire pistol event. But all was not right for Takács. In 1938, during training, a hand grenade exploded in his hand and both his hands were severely injured. His right hand was almost dysfunctional.

Takács was deeply hurt and soon made a commitment to be successful in his approach one day. Keeping it secret, he tried hard with his only hand –left. His strong determination changed the whole scenario. When his country held competition for Olympic qualification, he went there but his fellow men thought he was there to encourage them. But the eyes were wide opened, when he stood in the participant queue. He proved his standard by crushing all the partakers there.

The nature once again played a trick with him. The 1940 Olympics game was cancelled due to the Second World War. He was then thirty years old. So he waited for the next game 1944. But it was also abandoned. Still Takács did not lose hope. He targeted 1948 Olympics. The years passed by and finally he took part in the game.

His shooting skill dumbfounded the whole world. He won the gold medal in the game with his only hand. He was 38 then, but he aimed for the same glory in 1952 Olympics. Again he won the gold medal. He scripted history in shooting game by winning two successive gold medals. Károly Takács proved that excuses are made by only weaks. Strong determined fellow can change any adverse situation to their favor.



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