Oz Beats India in Final Match


The team India cricket team has suffered a loss from Australia in the final match of the bilateral series held at Delhi. The visitors outperformed India in every aspect of the game. The debacle would compel the Indian side to rethink ahead of the world cup.

After getting defeated in the first two games, the Kangaroos returned to the winning fray and won three successive matches. On the other hand, India’s failure to win a single match from the last three games disheartened millions of fans of the country.

The most important thing is the fourth match in which the host country could not defend its 358 score. One cannot blame only the failure of batsmen or bowlers for the loss of the series. Also Dhoni’s exclusion cannot be considered as a factor as cricket is completely a team game. It is the time for the Indians to figure out their weaknesses and would try to resolve them as soon as possible so that the fans of the cricket maniac country would enjoy matches in the upcoming world cup.


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