Shashi Tharoor Likely to Get Party Notice for Praising Modi


Congress leader Shashi Tharoor could buy a notice from his own party for praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi while backing colleague Jairam Ramesh’s statement — ‘demonising the Prime Minister is wrong and he should be praised for the right things he does.’

The senior leaders of the Indian National Congress is planning to serve an explanation notice to Tharoor. A day earlier, Kerala Congress workers ranted against him and they believed the lawmaker is now in BJP. So some of them demanded action against him in a letter to party president Sonia Gandhi. 

Extending support to Jairam Ramesh, Tharoor stated that supporting good work was no harm and every one should realize the reason of countrymen’s support to Modi. Further he clarified that he was not a Modi fan and if it so, why two cases were pending against him for criticizing Modi.


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