Ayodhya Case: Muslim Parties Advocate Tears Papers Shared by Hindu Mahasabha in SC


Oct. 16/2019 – Taking the debate to the lowest, senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan on behalf of Muslim parties tore up the papers shared by the opponent Hindu Mahasabha representative Vikas Singh in the court room before the judges and the audience.

While keeping his stance, Advocate Singh distributed some evidence documents gathered by him from the British time. Soon after, Dhavan could not control his nerve and tore them up. 

Witnessing such nuisance, Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi warned the petitioners that he could hear the verdict that day. However, he reminded October 16 was the final date of arguments and there was no way to extend it further. 

The behavior of Dhavan drew media attention severely. He was criticized for his karma from all corners. Some say it is the reflection of his frustration assuming the loss of Ayodhya battle.


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