J&K, Ladakh Turn into Union Territories


Oct. 31/2019 – The state of Jammu and Kashmir transformed into two territories namely Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh following 86 days of the declaration of the abrogation of article 370 by the Indian Government. 

The government appointed lieutenant governors for both UTs where Radha Krishna Mathur was sworn in for Ladakh and Girish Chandra Murmu for Jammu and Kashmir. With this, the president rule in the area gets revoked which was implemented from June 20 this year. 

On August 5, the present Indian Government scrapped the provisions existed in the constitution under which Jammu and Kashmir enjoyed special status which separated its people from the rest of India. Besides, the state was bifurcated into two parts and downgraded to the status of Union Territory. 

Since then, the region is the cynosure of global media. A very few of them criticized the government move on the other hand most of the big nations supported it terming the issue as an internal matter of India.


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