Bihar Assembly Passes Anti-NRC Resolution


Feb. 26/20 – Becoming the first state with NDA Government, Bihar passed a resolution opposing the National Register of Citizens (NRC), a possible upcoming move by the Centre to implement all over the country.

The resolution was passed unanimously since all the 54 MLAs of BJP were absent that time. When Speaker Vijay Kumar Choudhary sought to know whether this had the consent of the ruling and opposition benches, no voice was found against it.

Also, the assembly unanimously adopted a resolution to stick with the previous National Population Register (NPR) format; however, it chose the transgender column from the recent one recommended by the Union Home Ministry.

In the state assembly, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar clarified that the Central Government had sought responses from all states regarding NPR, but he got the chance to also communicate his government’s stand on the NRC.


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